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Advantages of the Pocket BVM:

  • The most compact BVM on the market
  • 75% smaller than a standard BVM
  • Proven in military and civilian emergencies
  • Robust package that withstands tough conditions
  • Can be easily passed from one paramedic to another
  • Top quality materials for top performance


For many first responders space is a critical issue.  Whatever equipment they can fit in their emergency bag or vehicle is the equipment that they have with them in an emergency. Understanding this constraint, Micro BVM created the Pocket BVM. 

The Pocket BVM is the most compact BVM on the market and saves up to 75% in space compared to standard BVMs, freeing up space for more lifesaving equipment.

Casing:  The Pocket BVM has a special patented design that enables it to collapse into a small and very robust case.  The dimensions of the case are 6.3 cm/2.2’’ (height) x 13.4 cm/5.2’’(diameter) which allows it to be held in one hand, placed in a jacket pocket and easily stored in an emergency bag.

BVM:   A disposable, full 1.6 Liter Adult BVM that delivers 500-600 cc of air. The Pocket BVM is assembled in seconds and is ready to use. It is made from medical grade silicone and has a textured surface to ensure a secure grip which allows for effective ventilation for extended periods while simultaneously reducing hand-fatigue.   The Pocket BVM requires minimum pressure for compression and quickly recovers its shape.

MaskThe Pocket BVM comes with a contoured adult mask. The mask utilizes a curved mold design that mimics the feel and function of inflatable masks without the potential for deflation and delivers a proper seal with each use. The mask is highly transparent, enabling the practitioner to easily examine the treatment area. 

Connectors:  Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) Compatible.  All of the connectors conform to industry safety standards.

Pocket BVM (Black box)

  • If you are not pleased with your purchase, you may return the product within 30 days.  Please note that it must be returned within its original casing. 

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