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Micro BVM- A Small Product Making a Big Difference

We talked to Rotem Arad, founder of MicroBVM, about portable BVM safety products, and this is what he said about it.


Israeli EMS Innovations

The Pocket BVM (bag-valve mask) allows the user to cut down on carrying space in a medical bag or MCI cache while still delivering effective airway rescue.


Micro BVM launches the Pocket EXT tube

A groundbreaking extension tube that can be expanded up to 75 cm (30") which enables medical practitioners to transport intubated patients safely and effectively


The Israeli-invented device that’s saving American lives in Afghanistan

Pocket BVM mini-ventilator is being used as a first-line rescue device by armies, EMS services, and now El Al


Israeli airline El Al equips its fleet with Micro BVM’s advanced resuscitation equipment

The Pocket BVM (bag valve mask) was selected as the product of choice for mid-air emergency situations due to its high compatibility and easy mobility


6 made-in-Israel devices for disaster relief

Emergency aid workers have come to depend on products built from Israeli ingenuity for saving lives.


Rettung Verwundeter. The German military uses the PBVM

Rettung Verwundeter. The German military uses the PBVM – Go to min 3.22

Banner image courtesy of Robert Gormley

Pocket BVM resuscitators used by divers