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mechanical ventilation equipment

Improving Mechanical Ventilation

Micro BVM is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced emergency field medical equipment for mechanical ventilation.  The company was founded in 2007 by a group of military and civilian paramedics dedicated to creating life-saving products that drive the industry forward.

Since we live and breathe the field, we are acutely aware of the advantages and disadvantages of available gear, and our R&D team is constantly designing new concepts to improve the capabilities of medical emergency providers.

micro bvm's mechanical ventilation products

Our flagship product, the Pocket BVM, is the most compact BVM on the market. The Pocket BVM has a patented case into which the BVM collapses, and as a result, the BVM is a ¼ the size of a standard BVM.  The Pocket BVM is available in two other variations- Pocket BVM with O  Tubing and the Pocket BVM Tactical. Micro BVM’s latest innovation- the Micro BVM EXT Tube, is an expandable extension tube that ranges between 23 – 75 cm (9-30”), and enables practitioners to safely and easily transport intubated patients.

The space-saving advantages of our mechanical ventiation products combined with the robustness of their packaging and superior quality have made them the first choice for the U.S. military, NATO forces, international SWAT / Tactical teams, as well as civilian EMS teams around the world.


Our Customers

Military units, physicians, paramedics, combat medics and field military hospitals


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) & first aid responders providing pre-hospital care


Air, sea and land medical

evacuation teams

Fire truck.png

Firefighters, community fire units  


Hospitals, emergency rooms, surgery & intensive care units


Law enforcement, search and rescue units, persons involved in Tactical Combat Casualty Care 


commercial and private airlines


First aid kits for aircrafts, automobiles and pleasure crafts

The Pocket BVM Used by the German Military, Go to minute  3.20

and QA

Micro BVM’s products constantly undergo rigid testing to ensure their quality and durability. The products have met the specifications of the U.S. FDA as well as the European CE guidelines. In addition they conform to the requirements of the Health Ministry Registration Worldwide.


The FDA is responsible for protecting public health in the United States by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, the nation’s food supply, cosmetics and products that emit radiation.


The CE ensures that the product is in conformity with the requirements of the applicable Conformité Européenne directives.


Health Ministry Registration Worldwide First Care is a registered provider of medical products and services around the world: USNSN, ANVISA, UKNSN, Philippines, INFIMA


Micro BVM is ISO 13485:2016 certified

Banner image courtesy of North American Rescue, D.J. Struntz Adventure Photographer

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