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Advantages of the Micro BVM EXT Tube:

  • Safe & easy transport of an intubated patient
  • Secured airway
  • Extended treatment range up to 75 cm
  • No dead space
  • Universal compatibility

The Micro BVM EXT Tube is a real game changer in the field of airway management. It is the only tube on the market that can extend from 23 cm/9” to 75 cm/30” and provides unprecedented treatment flexibility.

Treatment Flexibility: The Micro BVM EXT can be extended from 23 cm/9” to 75 cm/30”. In cases where the patient suffers from multiple injuries, the ventilating paramedic can step slightly aside and continue the ventilation from a distance.

Easy transportation: The Micro BVM EXT tube allows to transport an intubated patient with greater ease and safety. Using the product, the paramedic can stand next to the patient and continue the ventilation. This is ideal in cases in which the patient is on a moving stretcher or needs to be carried down a very narrow stairway.

Secure Airway: Once an endotracheal tube (ETT) has been inserted and set, the Micro BVM EXT tube protects it from unwanted extubation, which may occur if the practitioner is moved or loses his/her balance. In addition, the T connector is very lightweight and doesn’t pull on the ETT.

No dead space: The T connector prevents any air from flowing back into the tube. All of the air enters the patient’s lungs and cannot re-enter the Micro BVM EXT Tube.

Universal: The Micro BVM EXT can be used with any BVM on the market. Its connections are universal and compatible with all standard patient valve ports.

Safety: Using the Micro BVM EXT tube, first responders can increase their personal safety. For example, in an ambulance setting, the provider can ventilate the patient while sitting in the chair and wearing a seatbelt. In this way, the practitioner isn’t vulnerable to the movements of the ambulance. 

Pocket BVM EXT Tube

  • If you are not pleased with your purchase, you may return the Pocket BVM within 30 days.  Please note that it must be returned within its origianal casing. 

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