Review of Pocket BVM and EXT Tube (French)

French paramedic, Medic Tactic (Instagram @medictactic) reviewed the Pocekt BVM and EXT Tube. Here are the highlights of his review: Le plus petit BAVU du marché• 75 % plus petit que le BAVU ordinaire• Attesté dans les urgences civiles et militaires• Équipement robuste qui résiste aux conditions difficiles• Peut passer facilement d’un ambulancier à un… Read more »

Review of Pocket BVM by Doc Delta (Spanish w/ English translation)

Aquí minireview comparativa del dispositivo MicroBVM que ha despertado cierto hype por su utilización en entorno tactico por llevarlo unidades médicas de OperacionesEspeciales .Esta review se plantea desde un punto de vista profesional y NO COMERCIAL valorando los pros y contras de dicho dispositivo aportando datos cualitativos y cuantitativos comparados con otro “ ambu ” o balón de resucitación de propiedades parecidas como es el BVM para… Read more »

Review of the Pocket BVM and EXT tube by Emergencias Sanitarias (Spanish)

Emergencias Sanitarias @emergenciasanitarias112 reviewed the Pocket BVM and the Micro BVM EXT tube. In the video, they review all of the features and show how to use the devices.

Pocket BVM and EXT Tube review (Spanish)

Emergencias_24_7 | Micro BVM

@emergencias_24_7, a Spanish Emergency Training center, reviewed Micro BVM’s Pocket BVM and Extension Tube.

Review of the Pocket BVM by Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper, CEO of SUL tactical reviewed the Pocket BVM with 02 tubing. He says: “This is by far the most superior product I have ever seen on the market. I think everyone should carry this.”

Product review by Antonio J. Webb, M.D.

Dr. Antonio Webb review of the Pocket BVM

Dr. Antonio J. Webb was a military Dr. in Iraq and used the Pocket BVM.  It was chosen because of its compact size and the fact that military Drs. need to travel as light as possible. In this video he talks about “5 things you should know before joining the military as a doctor”.

Product Review: Micro BVM by Kelly Grayson

Kelly Grayson review of the Pocket BVM

Review of the Pocket BVM by Kelly Grayson About Kelly Grayson:  Kelly Grayson, NRP, CCEMT-P, is a critical care paramedic in Louisiana. He has spent the past 24 years as a field paramedic, critical care transport paramedic, field supervisor and educator. He is president of the Louisiana Society of EMS Educators and a board member… Read more »

Review of the Pocket BVM in Portuguese

Review of Pocket BVM in Portuguese

A brief description of the Pocket BVM and its advantages in Portuguese.

MicroBVM Pocket BVM and Preoxygenation Trial

Pocket BVM tested for how it performs for BVM preoxygenation.

A video that reviews and demonstrates the Pocket BVM and the Pocket BVM with airway and tests how they perform for BVM preoxygenation.

Review of the Pocket by Rugged Medicine

Regged medicine review of the Pocket BVM

A review of the Pocket BVM by Rugged Medicine.  The review includes the space saving benefits of the Pocket BVM as well as a demonstration on how to open and use it.

How to use the Pocket BVM with 02 tubing by PrepMedic

Prep Medic's review of the Pocket BVM with 02 tubing

A blog by PrepMedic that talks about how to use a Pocket BVM, pocket mask and Face shield to ventilate a patient.

Review of the Pocket BVM by Renegade Medics

Review of the Pocket BVM by Renegade Medics

A little quick review of the Pocket BVM. As you can see it collapses to the size of your hand making it excellent for when space is at a premium in your gear. Really awesome design. You should check it out and see if it fits your abstract medical needs.MicroBVM#emt #paramedic #ems #rescue #medic #medicine… Read more »

Product review by SkinnyMedic

Skinny medic's review of the Pocket BVM

A detailed product review of the Pocket BVM that includes its space advantages over other BVMs, how to ventilate a patient and how to collapse the Pocket BVM into its original packaging.

Product review in Polish by Daniel Suchodolski

Product review in Polish by Daniel Suchodolski

Resuscytator Micro BVM – Pocket BVM IFAK PL·Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) to kompaktowy resuscytator dla osoby dorosłej (powyżej 40 kg m.c.) który umożliwia prowadzenie prawidłowej wentylacji ręcznej. Niewielkie rozmiary opakowania 13 cm średnicy i ok 6,5cm wysokości nie wpływają negatywnie na jego funkcjonalność. Waga całości to 465 gramy. Resuscytator… Read more »

Product Review by Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson's review of the Pocket BVM

A product review by paramedic Sean Anderson of the Pocket BVM with O2 tubing. Mr. Anderson compares the PBVM to a standard BVM and shows the space saving advantages of the PBVM.  

Timothy Gray from Destination Medicine reviews Micro BVMs products So Why a Micro-BVM? Destination Medicine is a unique emergency medical rescue service that specialises in austere medicine and remote access medical services. The nature of what we do makes our needs specific and we chose the Micro-BVM as it meets our space constraint needs very well. Since we purchased our first unit we… Read more »

Tim Nowark reviews the PBVM

Review of the Pocket BVM

Tim Nowark, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMT-P, SEMSO, Founder & CEO, Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, reviews the PBVM. He mentions that he likes it for its compactness and high quality of materials.

Product Review of PBVM with 02 by Grant DiCianni

A review of the Pocket BVM with 02 tubing by Grant DiCianni, EMT-P, Founder and Lead Instructor Rescue & Relief Int’l. He explains that Rescue and Relief Int’l chose the product for its compactness, weight and that it easily connects to an ET tube.

NuMask & MicroBVM REVIEW – 111% EMS

A review of the PBVM by 111% EMS

When Space Matters As Much As Performance by Dave Konig

Awhile ago my column Equipment for medical responders at special events was published on In addition to a list of items that can serve as the base for any provider rendering Event Medical Services, I also briefly touched on the best type of kit for event use. Space saving in Event Medical equipment bags… Read more »

Blog by Dan Walsh

Compare the Pocket BVM to your standard one the benefits are seen straight away it doesn’t take up half the space of the conventional one and saves massive space in your kit everything is in the case when you open it the mask the bag valve and the reservoir and O2 tubing its compatible with… Read more »

Pocket BVM review by Kari Dickerson

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my PocketBVM. I love various gadgets and things, so the idea that a company ‘reinvented the wheel’ so to speak piqued my interest and I had to get my hands on a PocketBVM. I was blown away when it arrived. The first thing I fell in love with was… Read more »

Pocket BVM review by TangoMikeTM

TAC COM MED Product and Process Review Review Date: 12/11/15 Product Name: Micro BVM Manufactured by: Micro BVM Systems Ltd Cost per unit RRP in USD is: $40-50 approx Introduction: A bag valve mask, abbreviated to BVM and sometimes known by the proprietary name Ambu bag or generically as a manual resuscitator or “self-inflating bag”,… Read more »

10 items I carry in my Vehicle Trauma Bag

When it comes to carrying around medical gear in my personal car I am a minimalist… I am now that is. When I was a new medic I pretty much drove around in a rapid response ambulance/trauma bay. I carried everything apart from the kitchen sink. I recall the day when I was a young… Read more »

PBVM Reviewed by Justin Hadrych-Rosie

Justin Hadrych-Rosie, a contract EMT-I, reviews the Pocket BVM, saying it’s a great product that has been a life saver for him. He especially appreciates the product’s durability and good quality, as well as its compact, space-saving size.

Product review of the Pocket BVM by Greg Friese

Greg Friese from discusses the benefits of the Pocket BVM compared to a standard BVM.