1. Only persons with adequate training should use the Pocket BVM.
2. Test each unit prior to use.
3. This product is intended for single use only. Do not attempt to clean, decontaminate or sterilize.
4. Do not use the resuscitator in a toxic or hazardous atmosphere, as silicone rubber is highly permeable to gasses.
5. Never store the resuscitator in a squeezed or compressed state, other than folded at the folding zones in the original packaging. Permanent deformation of the bag will occur, which may reduce the ventilation efficiency.
6. Avoid contamination with oil and grease. Such products may affect the integrity of the resuscitator materials.
7. Oil or grease should not be used in proximity to the resuscitator as fire may result.
8. There is danger from smoking or open flames in the presence of high oxygen concentrations.