Title: Outcomes With the Use of Bag–Valve–Mask Ventilation During Out‐of‐hospital Cardiac Arrest in the Pragmatic Airway Resuscitation Trial
Date: March 2020
Bag–valve–mask‐only ventilation is associated with improved OHCA outcomes. Despite similar rates of ROSC and 72‐hour survival, BVM‐rescue ventilation was associated with improved survival to discharge and neurologically intact survival compared to successful AAM.

Title: How to make your own airway management SALAD simulator
Date: May 15, 2019
Guide EMS students to airway management skills mastery by adapting your manikin for suction-assisted laryngoscopic airway decontamination

Title: A Modern Approach to Basic Airway Management
Publication:  JEMS
Date: April 1, 2018
An article that provides valuable airway management tips.

Title: The Effectiveness and Reduced Cube and Weight of  the Pocket BVM ™ with NuMask® IntraOral Mask  (IOM®)/Oropharangeal Airway (OPA) & O2 Tubing  for Military, Tactical, and Civilian Applications
Publication:  Nu Mask
A White Paper detailing the advantages of the PBVM over traditional solutions.

Title: Prehospital Ventilation is in the Bag with Proper Technique and Appreciation
Publication: JEMS
Date: March 1, 2017
An article by A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P, Editor in Chief, JEMS, that includes references to the Pocket BVM.

Title: 100 Year old thinking – Squirrels and Dogs CPR
Publication: LinkedIn
Date: May 22, 2016
An article by David Halliwell raising questions about the way CPR has developed over the years, with a fascinating video documenting the progress of the various techniques.

How to improve your bag-valve mask technique
Publication: EMS1
March 2, 2015

Title: The BVM Effect: An Overview of Studies Assessing Airway Management in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Publication: JEMS
Date: October 2015


Title: One-Person Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
Author: Medic Up consulting
Date: January 1, 2020


Title: EMT Skills: Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) Ventilation
Date: June 21, 2014

Title: BAG MASK VENTILATION – Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Author: Dr. Garberf Saied Mabarak
Date: October 5, 2010


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