Micro BVM treatment

Micro BVM’s resuscitators are intended for manual pulmonary resuscitation and emergency respiratory support of adult patients.  Treatment with Micro BVM’s products is simple and safe.  However, the products can only be used by trained paramedics and are intended for single patient use only.

In order to treat using the Pocket BVM, the following instructions are to be followed:

  1. Unpack and assemble the Pocket BVM from the protective carrying case
    treatment protocol

    1. Separate the Face Mask from the folded Resuscitator Bag
    2. Fully expand the Resuscitator Bag from its folded position by pulling both end valves (Front patient valve housing (air/O2 exit port) and rear air/O2 inlet valve) outwards (in opposite directions) while twisting the Patient Valve.
      Caution: Do not pull the O2 Reservoir Bag, as tearing may occur.
    3. Attach the Face Mask to the Patient Valve housing.

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