Pocket BVM review by Kari Dickerson

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my PocketBVM. I love various gadgets and things, so the idea that a company ‘reinvented the wheel’ so to speak piqued my interest and I had to get my hands on a PocketBVM.

I was blown away when it arrived. The first thing I fell in love with was how compact it was; the standard spot where BVMs go in bags around my area can only hold 1 BVM, but with the two PocketBVMs I had, I figured I could get four or more in the same space. The added Oral Airway was a nice touch. How many of us still have the thin plastic case with the foam in it, proudly displaying our rarely used OP Airways….or have a bag that’s normally used for sending specimens to the lab filled with miscellaneous OP and NP airways…that’s always in the cabinet in the ambulance while our bags have a few airways that never seem to be the right size.

I discovered I could fit 2 OP and 2 NP airways inside the PocketBVM with several packets of lube for insertion.

The bag is also easier to use. I have tiny hands, so it’s nice to have a BVM where I can effectively use it with just one hand. The facemask is also different, allowing for a better seal in my opinion and can be used on people with larger faces.

I’m extremely happy and pleased with my PocketBVM and I can’t wait to get the whole set!

Have fun and be safe, Medic Trommashere.


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