My stuff used to be over packed until I started using pocket BVMs

Doug Bledsoe 31 July, 2017

I have used the Micro BVM for a year now, it is so small, it allows me to carry full Paramedic ALS equipment with me on Search and Rescue Jobs together with my personnel kit, so I don’t have to compromise between the patient’s needs and my own, I can carry everything for me and the patient.

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Its robust case protects the BVM from damage, so it can be used in the harshest of environments.

All my Team at Community Paramedics seem to like it also, as the Micro BVM is so much smaller we can carry extra kit so can provide a higher level of care, than otherwise would be the case.


Gary Eves Paramedic/ Director Community Paramedics 7 February, 2017

Dear Greg and the team!
A warm hello from South Africa, just a short note to say thank you for the awesome product, we have incorporated quite a few into our ambulance and rescue service here in SA.

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We now carry your product on our Doctors response car, our 4×4 rescue units and our rescue boat! The space saving is worth every cent, we have managed to drill our trauma packs down to half the size and our tactical bags have literally halved in size, who would have thought a BVM could fit into a pocket 10cm by 20, absolute magic and takes up even less room than a pocket mask.

The product works extremely well and we have used it a number of times already, no issues experienced and always goes back to its original compact size. Awesome product thank you.

Tim Gray Managing Director Destination Medicine 26 September, 2016

For 14 years I worked as a paramedic in MADA- Israel’s National Rescue Organization. From the first time I was exposed to the Pocket BVM, it was clear to me that this was a product that was needed in the field.

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The Pocket BVM is highly compact and easily fits into my emergency kit, and as such I always carry one with me. Unfortunately I had to use the system when my mother-in-law suddenly collapsed, stopped breathing, and didn’t have a pulse. During the resuscitation, I used the Pocket BVM and it worked flawlessly. I highly recommend to all professional EMS personnel to carry a Pocket BVM. Just think what would happen if you need one and you don’t have it readily available? How will you feel if it is too late? The price and size of the Pocket BVM are so small relative to the benefit that it can provide- to save a life!

Tzvikah Bergstein Paramedic - MADA- Israel’s National Rescue Organization 14 September, 2016

My name is Isaac and I am a paramedic supervisor and member of the United Hatzalah ambucycle based fast response team. I was recently at a scene of a multiple-casualty terror attack in Israel requiring simultaneous intubation of 2 seriously injured patients.

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The intensity of the incident was extremely challenging as we knew that if our intervention was to be successful on these trauma patients our efforts had to be implemented immediately, efficiently and accurately. Thankfully our efforts were in fact blessed with success. Having your Pocket BVM in my ALS tac-med response kit was a key element of this success. My gear gets a rough treatment on the back of my ambucycle, the fine dust, grit and sand that we have to contend with gets into everything but I still need my equipment clean, sterile yet ready for immediate deployment. The tough high-visibility case, compact design and ease of use make the Pocket BVM one of my favorite pieces of rescue gear. Kudos for developing a great product.

Issac Hacmon Paramedic 14 September, 2016

Every EMT should have one of these! Awesome little product. Anyone who keeps an EMS jump bag of any kind should get one of these. The normal BVM is massive and takes up a lot of space.


Thomas T. 21 January, 2016

Footage documenting a resuscitation on a plane using the Pocket BVM. The patient was successfully resuscitated until arrival at the hospital.

Resuscitation on a plane 2 January, 2015

Snakebite Medicine Specialist and Herpetology based in San Francisco, CA; periodically adventuring in West & East Africa
I am a herpetologist and wilderness medicine specialist.I have used this BVM in my field bag for wilderness/remote medicine applications for several years now.

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For the innovative design alone I would give this product 5 stars for use in adult patients and those who meet or exceed the manufacturer’s 88 lb minimum recommended body mass. This product solves the quandary of how to pack a BVM in a wilderness medical kit for extended duty in remote conditions, as traditional BVM’s would take up at least 4-6x the space of this device in its compact storage case. I carried this device in my pack for almost a year while working in West and East Africa, and had the unfortunate opportunity to use it on a number of occasions. If there is a chance that you will be using this device on infants or small pediatric patients, do not expect to achieve an effective seal by inversion of the mask to fit smaller faces. In my experience, it is simply not possible. Do yourself and your patients a favor, invest in a mask for infants and one for small children and ensure that they fit your BVM ahead of time – a number of pediatric masks in west African hospitals were incompatible with this BVM and couldn’t be attached. Note that in much of Africa, the concept of a one-time use BVM is completely ludicrous and I carried the same device for the entire trip. It was sterilized after each use just like everything else used there, and held up flawlessly under challenging conditions with no significant wear and tear evident. When used for appropriately sized patients, this device is truly a lifesaver and one I will not go without for remote medical assignments. I highly recommend it for such uses. Also, the anesthesiologist’s advice about the importance of adequate training and hands on experience for effective use of these devices is spot on. Do not mash the mask onto your patient’s face, lift the face into the mask, check your seal, and don’t forget to reassess. The air-filled cuff on traditional masks is replaced by a different design in this product to enable it to collapse and fit into such a small case; it is slightly more finicky to successfully seal than a standard air-cushioned mask so take the time to familiarize yourself with it before use and if you are resuscitating with a second rescuer special attention needs to be taken to ensure that this fact is not missed at the expense of the patient.

Jordan Benjamin Snakebite Medicine Specialist and Herpetology 20 June, 2014

When bag space is at a minimum, these BVMs do the trick. We have over 40 medical bags of various sizes and shapes, and having our BVMs in a hard case also protects from damage.


Jason Parrish Paramedic 16 October, 2013

I’m a paramedic for the past 36 years and go through a lot of gear. As times have changed, rigs have gone from big boxes to vans and space is a premium. I bought two of these so I could save some space in the first bags. I’ve used one already and it’s a great BVM. Add to that the fact that it stores in half the space and it’s worth every penny.

Jeffrey Campbell Paramedic 14 May, 2013