The Pocket BVM used during a resuscitation

I have been a paramedic for over 15 years and I am deeply familiar with all of the emergency equipment on the market.  Today I function as a standby First Responder.

After trying out various BVMs, I adopted the Pocket BVM as my BVM of choice.

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The main advantage of the Pocket BVM is its size- it is about a quarter of the size of a standard BVM, and as such it easily fits into my emergency kit and into my vest pocket.  On several occasions when there were multiple casualties, I threw a Pocket BVM to a fellow paramedic that need it.  This can’t be done with any other BVM!

The Pocket BVM is a top-quality product that has never let me down.  It is made from high grade silicone and is 100% dependable.

I carry my emergency kit with me at all times and it of course includes a Pocket BVM.  Attached are pictures of a resuscitation I performed using the Pocket BVM.  The system is quick and easy to set up, it has a textured surface that reduces hand fatigue, and overall has a very ergonomic design.

I highly recommend the Pocket BVM to any paramedic or doctor for whom space is a first priority.


Patient ventilation using the Pocket BVM Pocket BVM used to resuscitate an elderly patient Pocket BVM saves space in kit Emergency kit

E.V. Paramedic

Carried one with me throughout Afghanistan as an Army combat medic and when I unfortunately had to use it I was happy to have such a helluva product.

Stu Cookson

Pocket BVM used mid air to save a passenger

To whom it may concern,
Dear colleagues,
We flew from TLV to BRU with ELAL and as you probably are aware, there was a passenger on board that lost consciousness and went into arrest.

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I was called by the family to quickly come check on her, as you may know, I am part of Hatzalah for about 20 years and coordinator of Hatzalah in Antwerp as well.

Right away the situation was properly identified and I requested the crew member to bring me their medical equipment on board.

Along with 2 more passengers trained in First aid we administered the correct procedural CPR guidelines.

The reason for my email is actually for 3 reasons.

First reason, the crew, they were calm cool, collective and very on top of their game. The team leader(and the rest) was not only helpful but truly professional and in my years of experience, rare to find someone with such common sense during a chaotic moment.

Second reason: The medical equipment on board. Well put together, adequate equipment, thought out and complete. I was especially impressed with the up to date latest innovative design of BVM (the Pocket bag-valve-mask by MicroBVM) that was in the kit. This new innovation created by Israeli Paramedics is not only compact but easy to use and rugged. The only thing I would recommend is an extra set of AED (defibrillator ) pads and a longer lasting O2 (oxygen) tank that can deliver more than 4 liters/min.

Third reason: the pilot. His record timing to bring us back to TLV was commendable and incredible. This surely improved our chain of survival and the ability to keep up the CPR during right until the ground medical team took over.

The patient arrived against all odds to the hospital with a pulse. This shows the effectiveness of our collective and effective CPR.

Unfortunately the patient did not survive and passed away later at the hospital, but the family can definitely make peace with the fact that even at 7000ft, their mother received the best possible care and hand in hand, pilot, crew and us acted professionally and diligently.

Thank you ELAL for proving once again that you care, but you literally travel that extra mile!

Shmulik Markowitz

Article on Ynet (Israeli online newspaper that covered the story  https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5028862,00.html)


Shmulik Markowitz Paramedic who performed a mid-air resuscitation on an El Al flight

My stuff used to be over packed until I started using pocket BVMs

Doug Bledsoe

I have used the Micro BVM for a year now, it is so small, it allows me to carry full Paramedic ALS equipment with me on Search and Rescue Jobs together with my personnel kit, so I don’t have to compromise between the patient’s needs and my own, I can carry everything for me and the patient.

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Its robust case protects the BVM from damage, so it can be used in the harshest of environments.

All my Team at Community Paramedics seem to like it also, as the Micro BVM is so much smaller we can carry extra kit so can provide a higher level of care, than otherwise would be the case.


Gary Eves Paramedic/ Director Community Paramedics

Dear Greg and the team!
A warm hello from South Africa, just a short note to say thank you for the awesome product, we have incorporated quite a few into our ambulance and rescue service here in SA.

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We now carry your product on our Doctors response car, our 4×4 rescue units and our rescue boat! The space saving is worth every cent, we have managed to drill our trauma packs down to half the size and our tactical bags have literally halved in size, who would have thought a BVM could fit into a pocket 10cm by 20, absolute magic and takes up even less room than a pocket mask.

The product works extremely well and we have used it a number of times already, no issues experienced and always goes back to its original compact size. Awesome product thank you.

Tim Gray Managing Director Destination Medicine

For 14 years I worked as a paramedic in MADA- Israel’s National Rescue Organization. From the first time I was exposed to the Pocket BVM, it was clear to me that this was a product that was needed in the field.

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The Pocket BVM is highly compact and easily fits into my emergency kit, and as such I always carry one with me. Unfortunately I had to use the system when my mother-in-law suddenly collapsed, stopped breathing, and didn’t have a pulse. During the resuscitation, I used the Pocket BVM and it worked flawlessly. I highly recommend to all professional EMS personnel to carry a Pocket BVM. Just think what would happen if you need one and you don’t have it readily available? How will you feel if it is too late? The price and size of the Pocket BVM are so small relative to the benefit that it can provide- to save a life!

Tzvikah Bergstein Paramedic - MADA- Israel’s National Rescue Organization

My name is Isaac and I am a paramedic supervisor and member of the United Hatzalah ambucycle based fast response team. I was recently at a scene of a multiple-casualty terror attack in Israel requiring simultaneous intubation of 2 seriously injured patients.

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The intensity of the incident was extremely challenging as we knew that if our intervention was to be successful on these trauma patients our efforts had to be implemented immediately, efficiently and accurately. Thankfully our efforts were in fact blessed with success. Having your Pocket BVM in my ALS tac-med response kit was a key element of this success. My gear gets a rough treatment on the back of my ambucycle, the fine dust, grit and sand that we have to contend with gets into everything but I still need my equipment clean, sterile yet ready for immediate deployment. The tough high-visibility case, compact design and ease of use make the Pocket BVM one of my favorite pieces of rescue gear. Kudos for developing a great product.

Issac Hacmon Paramedic

Every EMT should have one of these! Awesome little product. Anyone who keeps an EMS jump bag of any kind should get one of these. The normal BVM is massive and takes up a lot of space.


Thomas T.

Footage documenting a resuscitation on a plane using the Pocket BVM. The patient was successfully resuscitated until arrival at the hospital.

Resuscitation on a plane