Timothy Gray from Destination Medicine reviews Micro BVMs products So Why a Micro-BVM? Destination Medicine is a unique emergency medical rescue service that specialises in austere medicine and remote access medical services. The nature of what we do makes our needs specific and we chose the Micro-BVM as it meets our space constraint needs very well. Since we purchased our first unit we… Read more »

Tim Nowark reviews the PBVM

Review of the Pocket BVM

Tim Nowark, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMT-P, SEMSO, Founder & CEO, Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, reviews the PBVM. He mentions that he likes it for its compactness and high quality of materials.

Product Review of PBVM with 02 by Grant DiCianni

A review of the Pocket BVM with 02 tubing by Grant DiCianni, EMT-P, Founder and Lead Instructor Rescue & Relief Int’l. He explains that Rescue and Relief Int’l chose the product for its compactness, weight and that it easily connects to an ET tube.